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Maestro PMS Integrated Hotel & Resort Software System by Maestro

NORTHWIND-Maestro™ understands that each hotel and resort is a unique operation that requires robust system tools supported by an experienced, forward-thinking technology partner. Maestro provides over 20 specialized, fully-integrated system modules to streamline all areas of hotel and resort operations from the Front Office to Timeshare-Condominium Ownership Management, Spa and Golf. NORTHWIND goes above and beyond conventional property management systems to deliver revenue-generating solutions that give a 360-degree view of each guest and their activities. Maestro's fully-integrated system suite drives business to your website, supports personalized service, optimizes room rates, and increases profitability.

Maestro systems are backed by the hospitality industry's most comprehensive support and training program – Diamond Plus Service. The Diamond Plus program enables your staff to become productive more quickly with a wide range of online training programs that increase efficiency and staff retention that will keep you in front of your comp set.

Guest Experience Measurement

GEM is a powerful and easy-to-use online guest satisfaction feedback tool fully integrated with Maestro PMS and features detailed reporting, evaluation and collection capabilities to provide operators with actionable Predictive Intelligence.

Multi-Property Management

Maestro provides central management controls to improve interdepartmental and property coordination, cross-property booking and up-sell capabilities, and more.

Smart E-Messaging Guest Engagement

Maestro’s smart-guest messaging capability offers an easy, powerful way for operators to proactively prepare for guests before they arrive, serve them while they are on property, and touch them after they depart.

Guest Loyalty + Online

Maestro’s New Guest Loyalty System with Online Capabilities is the First Application to Offer Independents the Same Bene€fits as Major Chains to Recognize, Reward, and Retain Guests


The Housekeeping module of Maestro enables the user to enter and track information that is required to manage the property’s housekeeping.

Golf Management

Maestro Golf & T-Time is Northwind’s electronic tee-sheet manager and is designed for fast, flexible, and efficient tee sheet management.

Retail & Fine Dining POS

Intuitively designed with efficiency & speed in mind, for not only servers, but management as well. Through easy to navigate screens, sales can be quickly processed at every foodservice, retail or revenue center on your property

2-Way GDS

Maestro’s 2-way GDS integration will help you maximize your business by having access to a wide range of online distribution channels, ranging from direct GDS connectivity to travel portals and online travel agencies (OTA).

Spa & Activities

The Maestro Spa & Activities Management System is a sophisticated scheduling and billing application developed in cooperation with leading international spas and resorts to make any club or spa operation more efficient and profitable.


Customized to suit the needs of golf course accounting, Maestro Membership Management puts you in control with the information you need.

Maestro Cloud Hosted Solution

Independent operators are turning to hosted system platforms to reduce staff, trim hardware investment, simplify PCI-compliant cardholder security, and ensure 24/7 access to property performance data.

Front Office (PMS)

The Maestro Front Office module is designed to provide staff and management with a time efficient tool to easily manage all front office operations within a centralized environment for single or multiple properties.

Web Connection Featuring ResWave Booking Engine

The innovative guest-centric ResWave2 Web Booking Engine is 100% real-time and fully integrated with Maestro PMS to maximize your online revenue, increase guest service, and lower the cost per reservation booked directly on your website!


Knowing the customer, sending personalized messages, being there at every touch-point involving planning, purchasing, service consumption and post-stay, and providing a unique value proposition leads to increased customer loyalty.

Work Order

The Work Order Management module is designed to support operational activities of management and staff responsible for maintenance and repair allowing maintenance to be scheduled far in advance to coincide with periods of low forecasted occupancy.

Sales & Catering

The Maestro Sales and Catering Module will assist you in your sales and marketing efforts with a comprehensive client contact and history database, as well as providing your catering department with the ability to manage all aspects of event and conference planning and scheduling.

Maestro On The Go Tablet Applications

Mobile is where it’s at. The staggering pace of mobile adoption continues unabated, with mobile travel bookings sustaining triple-digit growth in 2013, according to a new PhoCusWright report.

Resort Wide ID Card

Maestro’s Resort Wide ID Card feature now encodes personal mag-stripe ID cards that allow resort guests to charge to their account from any authorized outlet or activity venue.

Online Owner Management for Condo, Timeshare and Vacation Club

Maestro’s Owner Management module provides unique features to accommodate the needs of Maestro users who need to manage Condo, Timeshare and Vacation Club owners in their day-to-day operations.

Xpress Check-In Wireless -iPad

Exceeding consumers' demands means elevating employee service levels to optimize revenue and drive up productivity. Xpress Check-In Wireless provides your agents with the tools they need to increase service levels and productivity.

Analytics & BI

Maestro Analytics is a Business Intelligence tool that provides operators with an innovative interface to their organization’s key operating data to give them more information for strategic decisions.

Proactive Yield Management

Eliminate the tedious daily maintenance of room rates. Proactive Yield management is built in to Maestro PMS to maximize rates for all sales strategies with automated controls to let managers quickly adapt to market conditions.

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Free Demo Hotel PMS for integrated multi property hotel and resort management

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Why did we love your system: Clean design, willingness to work with us on changes we needed and actually put it in writing! Several requested changes made to system before we even signed a contract.

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Information Technology | Madison Concourse Hotel, Inc.

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