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Maestro PMS Partners with Hotel Mogel Consulting to Ensure Client Success Through Process Innovation

Maestro customers looking for external evaluation of their tech stack can now leverage Hotel Mogel to formulate a technology implementation plan for success

MARKHAM, ONTARIO, DECEMBER 14, 2023 Maestro PMS has partnered with Hotel Mogel Consulting Ltd. to externally evaluate hotel operations and ensure that owners are getting the most out of their technologies to maximize team productivity. As part of its core commitment to customer service and helping its clients succeed on all fronts, this partnership represents yet another way that Maestro continues to be a leader in hotel technology.

“Hotels are facing an existential dilemma,” said Adam Mogelonsky, partner at Hotel Mogel. “There’s so much that technologies can do to augment the guest experience and activate additional revenues along the customer journey. But the enormity of choice can hinder innovation. Hotels can be lost in the integrations, in meetings to decide on what technology to deploy next, and in what’s now known as ‘dashboard fatigue’ where there are simply too many systems that an employee must use.”

Hotel Mogel’s core offering is its Teams and Technology Evaluation service, or TNT, which works to examine the current state of a hotel enterprise’s systems and workflows, then devises a critical path for the implementation of new technologies that will have the greatest impact on net-operating income as well as process innovations that will help a team work more efficiently.

“Process innovation is not just about technology improvement, but also about how teams communicate, compartmentalize tasks, and make decisions,” Mogelonsky said. “Finetuning in these areas can lead to immense time savings in the long run while also ensuring that opportunities are capitalized upon quicker to ensure that guest revenues aren’t left on the table and that costs are curtailed as soon as possible.”

Employee Satisfaction + Technology = Success
Warren Dehan, Maestro President, said today’s hoteliers are doing everything possible to ensure that guest satisfaction is at an all-time high, although not at the expense of staff. He said employee satisfaction must trump guest satisfaction at all costs, and that cannot be done effectively if independent of technology.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way," Dehan said. “This famed quote by American Author John C. Maxwell is a true representation of Hotel Mogel. The company has helped countless hotel owners and tech vendors achieve financial success over the past 40-plus years. Today we are thrilled to add the TNT Hotel Evaluation Program to Maestro’s services offering. Now Maestro customers looking for technological implementation as a way to improve on labor costs, grow revenues (both rooms revenues and ancillary spend), increase team productivity, and fight against the hotel industry’s unprecedented rates of turnover, have access to professional consultants who can evaluate their tech stack on request and formulate a plan for success.”

The TNT Hotel Evaluation Program is designed to bring the right combination of technology and teams to drive profitability. With the dawn of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, there are numerous ways to speed up how hotel teams can use technology to innovate their workflows and increase their productivity so that hotels can do drastically more with less.

To take advantage of the TNT program, a hotel must first be a Maestro user. Inquire today by emailing

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