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5 Ways Learning Management Systems Embedded in Your PMS Help Jump-Start Onboarding

Hoteliers planning on new hires and seasonal hires must focus on shorter lessons, interactive experiences, and providing accessible learning tools to workers

All Aboard: How Intuitive PMS Tools are Improving PMS Training and Adoption

A hotel’s property-management system opens operators up to new worlds of potential capabilities, operating strategies, efficiencies, and more

How Embedded Payment Processing Is Shaking Up the Travel Experience

Through embedded systems, hoteliers can ensure guest data stays within their purview while providing a more comprehensive guest experience from beginning to end

Interdepartmental Communications & Two-Way Staff Messaging will Elevate Hotel Operations in 2024

By breaking down departmental barriers, embracing unified data management through an all-in-one PMS, and leveraging modern guest engagement tools, hotels position themselves as pioneers in guest-centric service, setting new standards of excellence in the hospitality industry

Key PMS Features Independents Must Consider Budgeting for in 2024

Six game-changing PMS capabilities hoteliers are leveraging for success in 2024

How Sharing Information Between Hotel Departments Via Tech Is Changing the Future of Hospitality

Hotels are breaking down the walls between departments and improving their knowledge and situational awareness of the marketplace — powered by PMS technology

Why Full Service & Luxury Independent Hoteliers are Going ‘All In’ on All-in-One Tech

All-in-one PMS technology has evolved to encompass nearly every aspect of hotel operations, leveling the playing field for independents across the industry

Five Ways Hotel PMS Technology is Saving Independent Hotelier Operations

Modern PMS technology provides invaluable support to independent hotel operations from training to disaster recovery

Independent Hoteliers: Centralize Your Data

To gain a competitive advantage, hotel operators must embrace centralized data practices to help them level the playing field against established brands

Cloud-Hosted Hotel PMS Data: Who Holds the Keys and Why It Matters

Answering questions about data stored in the cloud and how hotel & resort operators can curtail uncertainty

Is Your Hotel Leveraging Technology to Do More with Less?

Three ways PMS innovation can step up to relieve pressure for operators everywhere

How Are Top Independent Resort Operators Leveraging Their Tech Stack to Increase Revenue?

Resorts are embracing technology to improve cross-selling and ancillary revenue

The Right PMS Partner + Open APIs Can Elevate a Hotels’ Operational Success

Tapping a skilled technology partner to handle the necessary integrations between the property-management system and other on-premises solutions will give operators a greater chance for success

Spring Cleaning: Why Hotels Are Investing in New PMS Systems in 2023

Operators raise technology budgets to capitalize on new innovations and better service

Kindred Spirits: Three Factors Independent Hoteliers Should Look for in a PMS Partner

The right team will encompass nimble reactions, personal support, and reliability; These traits will ensure the PMS vendor speaks hoteliers’ language and comes to the table with their own ideas to help meet operational goals

Third Parties First: Why Hotel PMS Integrations Matter as Much as its Operational Capabilities

Hospitality technology companies are integrating with more and more third parties, and these relationships are almost as valuable as the services they offer at the ground level

How Modern PMS Technology Improves Staff Retention and the Hotel Operations Experience

Workers are finding modern PMS technology to be more efficient and easier to use because it seamlessly connects nearly every area of hotel operations

Era of the Underdog: 4 Ways Modern Hotel PMS Enable Independents to Compete Like Major Brands

Operators looking to regain control of their businesses in a limited labor market should analyze their booking, check-in/-out, kiosk integration and two-way communications practices

Hospitality PMS Tech is Helping Hotels & Resorts Go Paperless

While the benefits of going paperless are clear, getting there isn’t so simple; Independent operators should work closely with their property-management system provider to put a solution in place that can shoulder the burden that comes with a lack of physical paper

The Cloud, The Cloud; Should PMS Data Reside in Thee, Mighty Cloud?

Modern Web Browser hotel property-management systems enable hotels to host data on site to maintain access and control while providing all the mobility benefits afforded by a cloud-based system and with less reliance on IT staff; Visit Maestro in Booth #1325 at HITEC Orlando

All-in-One or APIs? Modern PMS Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Independent operators often have diverse needs that are best served by a sophisticated PMS solution platform coupled with extensive APIs that help them stand out and succeed in their market; Visit Maestro in Booth 1325 at HITEC Orlando

High Standards: Why Independent Hoteliers Need a PMS Tech Partner That Matches Their Service Culture

Growing importance of hospitality technology is extending the service culture reach beyond the front desk

The Return of Incentive Travel: Using the Hotel PMS to Manage and Grow Guest Loyalty in Independent Hotels

How independent hoteliers can use an integrated PMS to offer a robust loyalty program and compete with big brands

What to Look for When Sourcing Out Your New Cloud PMS

Not all Web browser-based property-management systems are alike, and not all need to reside in the cloud; Five things independent hotels will want to know about implementing this technology

From Best Practices to Good Habits: How Hoteliers and Technology Partners Can Align for Better Staff Training

The best parts of hospitality, begins with a conversation; A quality tech vendor will do everything in its power to provide up-to-date information, templates for training, and in-person demonstrations

The Three Staple Traits of a Great PMS Partner: Service, Service, Service

The devil is in the details; When choosing a property-management system provider, hoteliers should research

Keeping Your Data Safe: Ransomware, Crashes, and Backups, Oh My!

Hoteliers should talk to their PMS provider about implementing an automated back-up plan with an on-premises deployment, or about options to get hosted in the cloud with managed backups; Being prepared and diligent is key to protection

Maestro Makes 5 Roadmap Predictions for the Evolution of Hotel Property Management Systems and the Return of Travel

Redefining guest and employee experiences starts with redefining the role of the hotel PMS, from ongoing contactless innovation and data security to product integration with gateway systems, OTA channels, and CRM platforms

Thinking of Switching Your Hotel’s PMS? The Grass Isn’t Always Greener and Here’s the How, When, What, Who, and Why

Are hotels making the most out of the technology they have? This is becoming a crucial question for leaders to ask as technology takes on a greater share of daily operations.

It’s Time that Independent Hotels Budget for a Future-Proof PMS and Emerge More Profitable in the New Year

Finding a property-management system that enables hoteliers to stay current with technology at low to no cost outside of their software subscription commitment vs. returning to the marketplace in search of costly new upgrades over time, is key to long term success
By Warren Dehan

Why Hoteliers are Turning to PMS Technology to Fill Gaps in Labor and Overall Operations

Hoteliers must find a way to retain the skilled workers who come their way; Technology designed to make employees’ lives easier is the answer — and it all starts with the PMS
By Warren Dehan

What Hoteliers Need to Know About Cloud-Based Technology and PMS

Four simple truths will enable hotel and resort operators to assess the right cloud-based property-management
By Warren Dehan

How Independent Hotels Can Leverage Their PMS for Mobile Interactions, No Mobile App Download Required

Hotel & Resort operators do not need a mobile app to facilitate guest engagement and a mobile check-in experience; High-touch guest interactions can be streamlined via browser-based web applications, text messaging, and email communications leveraged from their property-management system

Understanding the Security Risks of Your Hotel’s PMS Data Hosting Environment

Whether hosted in the cloud, on premise, or in a self-managed data center, managing your security risks should be IT’s top priority to keep your data, and your guests, safe
By Warren Dehan

Maestro PMS Shares the Top 5 Benefits of Remote Training in Today’s New Normal

Leader in PMS software solutions for independent hotels and resort groups provides key reasons why hoteliers are embracing the trend

4 Culture Attributes a PMS Technology Company Must Possess to Help Ensure Your Property’s Success

A hotel’s technology provider must be a true partner in every sense of the word and be willing to adapt to change, welcome feedback and put customer service first
By Warren Dehan

Maestro PMS Debunks 8 Myths of Mobile Check-In to Help Independent Hoteliers Better Understand What This Technology Can and Cannot Do for Their Hotels

Mobile check-in is ideal for independent hotels due to its ability to be used by anyone with a mobile device while personalizing the stay experience to meet each guest’s preferences