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Maestro Launches eLearning; Flexible Online Training Quickly Boosts Staff Productivity

How Do You Keep Staff And Management Skills Sharp? Log In For Easy-To-Use ELearning Modules That Stream 24/7 To Any Mobile Or Desk Top Device
NorthwindeLearningiPad 482x320 - Maestro Launches eLearning; Flexible Online Training Quickly Boosts Staff Productivity - Innovative Property Management Software Solutions Powering Hotels, Resorts & Multi‑Property Groups.
How Do You Keep Staff and Management Skills Sharp? Log In for Easy-to-Use eLearning Modules That Stream 24/7 to Any Mobile or Desk Top Device
Markham, ON – October 8, 2014 – NORTHWIND-Maestro released a new eLearning tool that boosts staff productivity with online tutorials, documentation, and streaming videos for quick, flexible mastery of all Maestro Property Management modules whenever busy schedules permit. Maestro eLearning includes a management dashboard that allows supervisors to design eLearning agendas for any module and track staff progress.
NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS is the leading provider of solutions that increase revenue and create efficient, profitable operations for independents. The company specializes in helping independent operators create and implement flexible, easy-to-use Loyalty Programs that drive repeat business. For a demo of the Maestro Property Management Suite please contact NORTHWIND at 1.888.667.8488 or email
“We began development of our eLearning system in 2013 to create a central online resource to help users gain system knowledge and confidence to make them more confident and productive,” said Warren Dehan, President of NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS. “On our new eLearning site, clients and their staff can quickly hone system skills for all Maestro products. Users can access current documentation, quick reference functionality answers, and Maestro education videos formatted for desktop and mobile devices. Our eLearning system is valuable for all types of property operations from resorts to boutiques.”
Management dashboard allows supervisors to track staff training progress
Dehan emphasized that management involvement was a primary goal. “Managers can access the eLearning functions via unique user log-ins to track staff progress and observe their interaction with the system,” he explained. “Managers can also sharpen their own hotel operations skills and learn big picture analytics with Maestro Business Intelligence. Once staff and management master the Maestro system, they can pay more attention to guests’ needs and serve them well.”
Here’s how eLearning works:
  • Staff log in to take tutorials and stream video, including sample reports, practice exercises, and quizzes. Documents are available in PDF format for saving and printing.
  • New users can watch an online demo and view sample courses of what the system offers.
  • eLearning includes a dedicated executive management overview section with a focus on the power of Maestro integration and guest-centric services.
  • Content is always available to auto-stream from the Maestro website. Nothing is resident on users’ PCs.
  • Users can stop/start/rewind tutorials as their schedules permit–no need to set aside dedicated training time.
eLearning instills best practices for resort’s seasonal and core staff
One hundred Maestro clients already access the eLearning system to establish best practices and keep staff highly productive. “Halfway through our summer hiring season, we got eLearning passwords,” said Libby Stowe, Front Office Manager for Campbell’s Management Company. “It is very beneficial for our new Campbell’s Resort staff because they can log in and learn the modules they need to know to serve our guests better.” The resort uses Maestro Front Office, Sales & Catering, Point of Sale, and Spa software.
eLearning flexibility allows staff to stop/start/finish lessons any time
Stowe appreciates the convenience and ease-of-use in the buildup to high season. “eLearning flexibility fits our staff’s schedule,” she said. “They can begin lessons anytime, pause them, and resume when they have time, even on their mobile devices.”
eLearning smoothed the transition when the resort recently changed from guest certificates to guest gift cards. “Our core team took online training on how to administer and honor Campbell’s Gift Cards in Maestro,” Stowe explained. “Our Sales & Catering team also took online training. We have a new Catering manager who was able to quickly learn the Maestro Sales & Catering system to become productive much faster.”
Well-learned lessons translate into staff confidence and competency
The management dashboard is a valuable asset, said Stowe. “I can monitor which staff takes specific classes. I know which of our team members are really learning the system. My team can take quizzes to test their system knowledge and confirm that they have learned the operation of a specific Maestro module.”
eLearning benefits have a ripple effect on sound operations, reported Stowe. “Staff gains confidence faster because they know what they are doing. We often forget to train on small things, but the eLearning system covers all aspects of Maestro. When staff know their Maestro system well, they can learn our policies and guest procedures faster too.”