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Maestro PMS Launches Web Development Services to Boost Revenue for Independents

January 8, 2015

Maestro’s Cost-Effective Services Create Quality Property Websites That Increase Direct Reservations, Strengthen Online Sales
Maestro’s Cost-Effective Services Create Quality Property Websites that Increase Direct Reservations, Strengthen Online Sales
Maestro PMS™ announced new website development services to increase online presence and boost revenue for independent operators. Maestro’s web services include affordable, search-optimized website creation, content development, and simplified package promotion pages to drive sales. Maestro PMS Enterprise Property Management provides more than 20 hotel software and reservation software solutions for the industry’s leading independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups. Click here to learn more about Maestro’s solutions for profitability and productivity.
“Maestro’s new services meet the need of many independent operators who want to transform their website into a more effective online sales tool. Our services provide end-to-end website strategy, design, development, and search optimization at an affordable price. Our goal is to increase internet presence and direct reservation revenue,” said Warren Dehan, Maestro PMS President. Maestro’s streamlined, template-based development process allows operators to pick the look and feel of their site. The result is a high quality property site that attracts visitors and directs them to a Maestro ResWave booking engine.
Maestro delivers custom design, targeted content at competitive cost
“With our web solution, operators can create an on-budget, custom tailored website for their properties,” Dehan said. “We do this two ways. First, our large selection of custom templates simplifies the design and primary appearance of the site. This includes colors, logo positioning, page count, and amenity page formats. Second, Maestro helps with content. We can bring it over from an existing site, or our developers can create fresh content. The result is a cost-competitive website that is second to none.”
Indies increase bookings with Reservation Recovery and Content Management Systems
Maestro’s website development services also include ‘Reservation Recovery’ and an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS). Reservation Recovery increases a property’s conversion rate by targeting guests who initiated, but did not complete, the booking process. When a guest abandons a booking, the website serves a pop-up with an exclusive offer that attracts the guest back to complete the process. The system also captures the visitor’s email to proactively reconnect and convert the booking. With CMS, properties can quickly create custom rate and promotion pages to spotlight new packages or amenities.
“The CMS makes it easy for any operator to quickly create a promotional page for seasonal packages or any campaign launch. It is as easy as typing in Word,” Dehan said. The new promotional page may contain photos, dates, special rates, and unique amenities. Operators can capture more reservations when they market a promotion on their webpage or social media sites with a direct link to the ResWave booking engine.
“Many independent operators do not have a franchisor that offers website support,” Dehan said. “Maestro’s new Web Development Service will save independent operators time and provide them with a new, fresh web presence that drives more online sales.”
For a demo of the Maestro Property Management Suite featuring the ResWave Booking Engine, please contact Maestro PMS at 1.888.667.8488 or email