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The Chattanoogan Hotel Personalizes Staff Productivity with Maestro PMS eLearning

Hotel Staff Self-Learn Instantly On-Site or Remotely from a Growing Library of Over 30 Popup Tutorials; Each Person Optimizes His or Her Own System Training for Greater Productivity

The Chattannogan Hotel

April 27, 2016

High turnover of line staff and property managers is a way of life in the hotel business. So is increased technology use. Continuous staff training is a challenge to efficient operations at many properties. Maestro PMS, with 35+ years of hotel solutions experience, created an eLearning system that helps property staff and managers quickly become experts in system use and operations.

Greg Jones, front office manager at The Chattanoogan hotel said, “Training at an independent hotel is different than at a chain property. Our front office team is responsible for training new employees. We incorporated Maestro’s eLearning training courses into our property instruction guides to train new staff quickly and efficiently.” Maestro eLearning offers 31 courses that are fully-integrated with the Maestro Front Office System and its other modules.

“We developed Maestro eLearning to enable hoteliers to use our Maestro systems to its full potential,” said Warren Dehan Maestro PMS President. “eLearning is integrated with Maestro so staff can get quick answers to system questions while they are on the job. They can pause the training session and try out the function in a training version or on the live software. Hotel staff can also take system courses when they are off property from our eLearning website.” The system tracks which courses staff members take, what lessons they complete and their scores on proficiency exams.

eLearning is part of Maestro’s free Diamond Plus Service and includes online webinars. “Between our free Diamond Plus 24/7 support help desk, free upgrades and eLearning we help our clients get the best use of their system,” Dehan said.  “We continuously ask our operators for insights on how we can provide more service. We created eLearning to address their staff training challenge.”

“Knowing how to use the Maestro PMS system is essential,” Jones said. “Maestro provides upgraded releases regularly and eLearning tutorials that teach our team how to set up new functionality that makes a smoother operation.”

The Maestro Enterprise Property Management hotel software suite of 20+ solutions is the industry’s most robust and well supported system for independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups. Click here for more information on how to reserve, engage and socialize with Maestro PMS.