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What’s the Big Deal About Big Data? Indie Operators Want to Know

October 7, 2015

It’s All in How You Crunch the Numbers: Maestro PMS Turns Business Intelligence into Effective Marketing, Optimized Rates, and Solid Occupancy

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Markham, ON — Is “Big Data” just the latest technology buzz word…or can it help independent hotel operators compete? Every advantage counts, because indies have to work harder and smarter than their franchised comp set.

Big Data can drive healthy revenue. But to do it, hoteliers must choose a system built for the hospitality industry. Coupled with Maestro PMS, Maestro™ Analytics Business Intelligence (BI) delivers the numbers to boost indie profits. The Maestro Enterprise Property Management hotel software suite of 20+ solutions is the industry’s leading system for independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups. Maestro is a thriving technology provider that continuously develops and supports solutions and services for the future of hospitality. Click here to learn more about Maestro’s solutions for profitability and productivity.

Big Data is more than buzz from this indie’s point of view
“It is essential to leverage ‘Big Data’ with a system like Maestro Analytics,” said Michelle Miller, Corporate Director of Revenue for Vintage Hotels. The company operates five unique luxury boutique properties in Niagara-on-the Lake, Ontario, Canada, another in Caledon, and one in the town of Stratford. All share one Maestro Multi-Property PMS with centralized Yield Management to optimize rates and use Maestro Analytics to optimize data.

“I use Maestro Analytics to data-mine performance information to identify our best-selling rates, most valuable markets, trending guest origins, and guest spend patterns,” said Miller. “Solid data lets us invest our advertising budget in more effective promotions in successful markets.”

“The US dollar affects our business,” she said. Her company holds weekly production and forecast meetings where they monitor the dollar’s impact on property performance based on data from Maestro Analytics.

Four-season resort monitors trends daily to optimize rates
Campbell’s Resort in Washington uses Maestro Yield Management. “We monitor booking pace daily and evaluate our market performance in Maestro Analytics. If our trend changes, we refine our strategy across Four Seasons,” said Libby Stowe, Campbell’s Front Office Manager.

Maestro Analytics also helped Campbell’s conquer a new market. “We recently evaluated our banquet segment for family groups to stimulate our family reunion business. Maestro Analytics built our promotional email lists that generate a much higher open rate than general emails,” said Stowe. “The Analytics Big Picture Report even helps optimize staffing to maintain service standards. When we acquired another property, we applied Maestro Analytics there, as well.” Maestro PMS was developed from the ground up as a true hospitality enterprise system that offers a comprehensive suite of 20+ integrated modules sharing a single database.

For more information on Maestro PMS or for a demo of the Maestro Property Management Suite’s more than 20 modules please contact Maestro PMS at 1.888.667.8488 or email