Unlock Exclusive Benefits with the Maestro Reference Incentive Program

At Maestro, we believe that our clients are the heartbeat of our success. The Reference Program is aimed at rewarding and empowering our valued clients for their participation and support. As we strive to expand our reach and support within the industry, we recognize the invaluable role that our clients play in promoting Maestro.

Refer. Reward. Repeat.

Through the Maestro Reference Incentive Program, we offer a range of exclusive benefits and rewards to clients who serve as references for our products and services. By sharing their experiences and insights with Maestro prospects, our references help to build trust and credibility, ultimately driving growth and success for Maestro.

To share our success, your property group will receive exclusive discounts, incentives and recognition valued at thousands of dollars!

Tiers and Incentives

The Maestro Reference Incentive Program tier evaluations is conducted annually. The tier structure will be based on the number of contacts provided by each property group. Property groups who provide a higher number of contacts for reference purposes will be eligible for advancement to higher tiers or enhanced incentives.

Exclusive Training Opportunities

Discounts on Maestro Products & Services

Complimentary Passes to Tradeshows

Personalized Support for Leveraging Maestro Tools

Free Passes & Discounts to Maestro Users Conference

Complimentary Maestro Mobile Tools

Get rewarded with every reference!

Receive a $25 gift card from a selection of over 100 merchants for retail, dining, and more, each time a contact is utilized as a reference! Applicable to all tier levels.

What to expect after you join?

  • You will be contacted by our team for further discussions of the program and confirmation of your participation.
  • Once you become a reference, we will provide your information to Maestro prospects from time to time and an email notification will be sent to you ensuring transparency and consent.
  • If contacted by the Maestro prospect, you agree to act as a Maestro champion and share your experiences and insights on Maestro’s products and services.
  • Get rewarded for your invaluable contribution and support!

Ready to join the program to start receiving all the benefits?

Click on the button below to become a Maestro Reference today! For all inquiries, redemptions, or expressions of interest regarding the program, please email us at referenceprogram@maestropms.com.