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Maestro's Embedded
Payments Solution

With embedded payments for credit card processing, Maestro PMS empowers hoteliers with seamless and secure transaction capabilities directly integrated into their property management system.

Seamless Integration

Integrate credit card processing directly into the Maestro PMS platform for a unified experience.

Secure Transactions

Utilize encryption and tokenization technologies to safeguard payment data and protect against fraud.

Real-Time Reporting

Access detailed transaction reports and analytics to monitor financial performance and make informed decisions.

Customization Options

Tailor payment solutions to fit the unique requirements of your hotel or resort, including support for multiple payment methods and currencies.


Scale your payment processing capabilities as your business grows, with support for single or multi-property operations.

Cost Savings

Maximize revenue potential with competitive transaction rates and transparent pricing structures.

Streamlined Operations

Simplify payment processes by integrating credit card processing directly into the Maestro PMS platform. Reduce manual errors and streamline workflows by eliminating the need for separate payment terminals or third-party systems.

Enhanced Guest Experiences

Provide guests with a seamless payment experience by accepting credit card payments directly within the Maestro PMS system. Expedite check-in and check-out processes, enhancing overall guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Support

Access dedicated support from Maestro PMS experts who understand the intricacies of the integrated payment processing system. Receive timely assistance with setup, troubleshooting, and any technical issues related to credit card processing within the Maestro PMS platform.

Increased Security

Ensure the security of sensitive payment data with integrated payment processing solutions that comply with industry standards and regulations, such as PCI-DSS. Minimize the risk of data breaches and fraudulent activities with secure encryption and tokenization technologies.


MezzoPay is compatible with a range of payment terminals, including Ingenico Lane 3000, Ingenico Lane 7000, Ingenico Move 5000, and Ingenico Link 2500. These terminals are designed to offer advanced features, robust security, and seamless integration with MezzoPay, ensuring a streamlined and reliable payment processing experience for your property and your customers.

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